Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Reps Vs. Bad Reps

After some discussion with my good friend Steven Khuong from the Ice Chamber, we decided that I would shoot some informal educational videos for lifters on good reps and bad reps. This is not a judges video: It is merely provided to help those who are unsure about the reps. Even if you received counts for reps at the Arnold Classic, there is no guarantee you would receive counts for the same reps in future meets.

My advice to you if you train alone is to get a video camera and watch your sets. I do this nearly every practice because I'm certainly not above a bad rep and I like to make sure I'm not developing bad habits as I go. This is really one of the few things we can do when we train alone.

The first Video is the Jerk. It is also the most extensive out of the series. It is a little long since I was a little verbose. I hope folks find it helpful. Steven was kind enough to spend time editing adding the text to the video to make it a bit more user friendly. I apologize for the video quality.



MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks for the tutorial. This is helpful and I look forward to the next installment.

Boris said...

Great video Cate!

I know this will sound like a silly question then, but if you just decided to do presses, these reps would NOT count under any set of GS rules?

CI said...

Not a silly question, but no it would not count....Not for a Jerk set. A jerk is a skilled movement and a definite challenge to the CNS (as you know). So, that is what makes the elites so great (the ones that can go so fast).

Now, that is not to say that some judges some places would not give a count for a Press or push press. I've seen them even given in Eastern Europe...The point is that they should not count.

Thanks Matt and Boris.


Richard said...

Great video explanation. I have been learning through books and videos and there are a lot of subtle movements I need to perfect. How is the breathing supposed to go? It sounds like you exhale on the drop and do you inhale while in the rack position? Thanks again for your post!

CI said...

Hi Richard,

I inhale on the launch, and exhale on the drop. There are breaths between, that is when I'm in the rack depending on how long.

I never drop the bell without air in the lungs (or I try not to drop it). So, inhale on the ascension and exhale on the drop!