Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kettlebell Immersed

I wrote this entry mainly for aspiring KB Lifters and Coaches, but you could substitute KBs for just about anything and it would still apply

Kettlebell Immersed


Boris T. said...

Great post Catherine, really makes rethink the approach that I want to take.

going have to sit down and rethink what I planned to do in terms of training.

Ironbell Athletics said...

Great post and a topic that really hits home for those of us that are always looking for the next best program or modality.

Concentrating on one thing really does make one better and eventually an expert. As you said, immersion in the subject is the key (plus a dose or two of hard work). ;-)

Jim Lane

Catherine Imes said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim and Boris.

Yes, I used to be "searching" for this or that. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. But, decided to stop searching and focus at least for a while. I think folks are afraid to make a commitment to something like this like they'll lose something. I just simply haven't found that to be the case. Of course, not everyone will enjoy KB lifting. I'm a firm believer in finding something that you can stick with (not necessarily something that comes easy). Rarely, can you focus on something you really dislike.