Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Current Workshop Schedule the remainder of 2010

So far this is the schedule of the Fitness Trainer courses that I will be teaching and the WKC Coaches Certification for the summer and Fall (I will be teaching/assisting Head Coach Valery Fedorenko)

September 25-26 - WKC Coaches Certification in Richmond, CA @ Ice Chamber

October 1st - WKC Fitness Trainers Certification in London (UK)

October 2-3 - WKC Coaches Certification in London (UK)

October 16th - WKC Fitness Trainers Certification in Elizabethtown, KY

October 30th - WKC Fitness Trainers Certification in Union City, CA

November 12th - WKC Fitness Trainers Certification in Bethesda, MD

November 13-14 - WKC Coaches Certification in Bethesda, MD

December 3 - WKC Fitness Trainers Course in Cincinnati, OH(Location TBD)

December 4, 5 - WKC Coaches Certification in Cincinnati, OH (Location TBD)

We are currently working an Australian Certification for next year. Stay tuned for additional dates.

If you are interested in attending any of the above certifications or hosting a Fitness Trainers or Coaches Certification please contact me @



Boris Terzic said...

Cate I'll see you in Toronto in Aug.

Are you going to be at the worlds in Chicago as well?

CI said...

Yes, Boris..I will be in Chicago.