Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wrote this blog article for the AKC Blog:

Survival...A Beginner's Guide

It is mainly to serve as a guide for those starting Kettlebell Lifting. Many of us train on our own save the few times a year we may meet with a coach. So, understanding why we recommend certain things and how it pertains to ongoing progress is very critical to keep new lifters from getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

There will be more posts in the future that will hopefully offer more guidance to other lifters based on my experience and things I've been able to pick up from my Coach Valery Fedorenko.


Boris T. said...

Very nice article on the AKC blog.

mcqueenlabmouse said...

hi more more please i'm starting tonight, jordan vezina conviced me to leave michelle kai kettlenetics alone as well as sgt. shannahans' kettleworx and invest in reading Tracy Refkinds story of weight loss that's my thing. i'm going broke this week i have Goddess Workout and From Russia with tough love i'm ordering 4 kettlebells the 18lb and 26lb. i need help i know i have to go to class please advice on not injuring my wrists that's all i'm worried about, i have feet i can jump out of the way of a dropping issue. but if i hurt my wrists this game is over.

Catherine Imes said...

Thanks Boris.


Catherine Imes said...

Stay away from snatches until you get good instruction. Stick to swings.