Monday, November 19, 2007


Blogging has been slow lately and will be slow until the first of December when I wrap up my weekend travel for the rest of the year.

Taught a workshop in Chicago over the weekend. It was a great group of folks and everyone did an awesome job lifting the KBs. Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to Betty G for lending me the facility once again .

I haven't gone through all my Miamk WKC pics, but I got a few uploaded to my gallery.

Pics can be found in my gallery at

If I don't blog again this week, everyone have a Great Thanksgiving!



Justin said...

The workshop was great - thanks, Catherine. I'm a little sore, but getting comfortable with it. ;-) -Justin

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics. Who or what would you say most impressed you about the WKC? I wasn't there but I can imagine Ken's chair press must have been a sight to see.

Catherine Imes said...

Thanks for a attending Justin. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Catherine Imes said...


Ken's Chair Press was awesome. That guy is a beast.

Denisov was extremely impressive. The most impressive performance in terms of technique was Andrei from Russia. He was in the 90kg class. He did 141 reps. He had the best Jerk technique imo of anyone there. Very very quick under the bells. I'm hoping they publish his video next. They put Denisov on Youtube if you haven't seen it.

Everyone was very impressive in terms of gutting it out on the platform. There were many many technical improvements. 20 Min one arm LCC&J was suprisingly very fun to watch (and to do).