Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Miami is around the corner

We leave bright and early on Friday morning for Saturdays competition.

Completed my last full workout on Tuesday night. I always ALWAYS look forward to getting the competition out of the way. This training is grueling. I'm finally glad more people are competing because misery loves company or maybe familiarity breeds contempt..something like that.

Others are discovering the mental challenges of this training in terms of preparing for a competition. Now, I know that competition stress is not unique to our sport. But, by the time the competition is here, you are ready to just get it done.

This is the first big AKC-WKC meet. So, I would really like it to do well. I really enjoy the multi-event meet. Looking forward to Sundays non-traditional events like the one arm chair press. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of our Eastern European friends compete. Even though there is a language barrier, everyone I met in Latvia was extremely friendly. We'll likely have to wait and see our Ukranian friends in San Diego this December, but it will be really cool if Denisov from Russia (175 jerks with 2-32kg bells in 10 min!) makes the trip to Miami.

I probably feel mentally and physically better for this competition than I have in my last few outings; I'm certainly not anxious this time around. I've done a very thorough job of moderating the intensity and volume of my workouts. I don't get the feeling that I peaked 3 weeks ago like I had prior to other competitions. I'm also excited and looking forward to doing the one-arm Jerk. I think the addition of this event and the requisite training has enhanced my conditioning even further.

The best thing about the competition is that I get to see many of my Kettlebell friends from across the USA. The competition itself gives me training goals, but the event has given me great opportunities to meet some very very great friends over the course of the last 3 or 4 years. Looking forward to seeing the ones that make the trip to Miami. Looking forwared to knocking back a few beers with the crew on Saturday and Sunday night!

Will post pics and a review of the competition when I return next week.

Meanwhile, here is an inspiring clip of 80kg KB Sport Champion, Ukranian Fedor Fuglev. This is a partial video of his 142 rep performance with 2-32kg bells.

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